Environmental Education

We conduct regular workshops with the youth in beneficiary communities to discuss prevalent environmental issues and educate them with proper protection and conservation practices. Bigger campaigns are also organized to include a wider audience and increase impact and engagement.


We launched the Filipino version of Planet Ocean (Planetang Dagat), an initiative geared towards educating Filipino youth about the message of Planet Ocean in their native tongue. By translating this film to Filipino, we hope to encourage more children to be aware of their role in environmental stewardship and conservation.


Launched in June 15, 2011, projectseventhousand.org is an interactive social networking site that engages everyone to do their part in helping the planet through three steps: make a pledge for the environment, commit to it, and invite friends and family to do the same. It also contains numerous articles about the environment, covering topics from conservation, carbon footprints, recycling, to recent environmental issues. The site is a rich source where visitors can learn more about current environmental issues and share the message with their friends and loved ones.

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