Spirulina comes from an algae found in the oceans and has a variety of health benefits. When taken as supplements, spirulina can help alleviate sicknesses like diabetes and high cholesterol. SPSF wants to harness the power of spirulina and make it available for beneficiaries to use it for themselves, or as an alternative livelihood. […]

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Organic Vegetable Farming

SPSF teaches various farming techniques that make use of organic and locally available materials, such as bat guano, rice hulls, rice bran, copra meal, and bokashi (fermented organic matter). These help increase the population of good bacteria in the soil, allowing for healthy plant growth. Beneficiaries also receive seedlings to use as capital. The project […]

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Official Launch: The Hog Raising Livelihood Project

Since its inception, the Save Palawan Seas Foundation has supported the long-term conservation and protection of marine resources, while providing income to the local communities that protect the coastal environment through various livelihood projects. One of SPSF’s newly-launched projects is its hog raising initiative, wherein piglets were dispersed in Sitio Bilaya — the first community […]

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Sea Cucumber

There is an abundance of sea cucumbers in the rich marine environment of Palawan. SPSF encourages sustainable and responsible farming of these creatures in order to help supplement the income and livelihood of the residents in beneficiary communities. […]

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Cashew Processing

In partnership with the Department of Agriculture–Palawan Agricultural Experiment Station (DA-PAES), SPSF organizes trainings to teach different ways of processing cashews. These trainings cover propagation techniques (grafting and contour planting) to improve productivity and to encourage planting. Cooking sessions are held regularly at the Baras Marine and Agriculture Research Center (BMARC), under our team’s supervision. […]

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SPSF organizes workshops led by local artisans who teach selected beneficiaries how to recycle trash and transform available materials into house ornaments and souvenir items. Craft sessions are held regularly at Baras Marine Agricultural Center (BMARC). Finished products are bought from the beneficiaries and these are resold at the training center. […]

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Seaweed Farming

SPSF supports existing seaweed farmers in the communities with donations of seaweed seedlings, tools, and materials needed for their livelihood. A total of 600 families, mostly members of indigenous Groups–Mulbog and Pala’wan tribes and Muslim groups–are the beneficiaries of this project. It covers five barangays in two municipalities: Municipality of Balabac and Municipality of Bataraza. […]

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Egg Production

SPSF’s new project that is currently being piloted at Baras Marine and Agriculture Research Center (BMARC). Currently, we have about 100 chickens, and the eggs produced are being sold to nearby farms and communities. This project will be introduced to the beneficiaries once deemed feasible. […]

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Free Range Chicken Farming

SPSF provides the necessary capital of chicks and feeds to selected beneficiaries so they can grow their own free range chickens in their communities. The organically-grown chickens will eventually be harvested and bought back by SPSF. This is done by batch and in rotation across our beneficiary sites. […]

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