SPSF raises bees in the Baras Marine and Agriculture Research Center. Beekeeping helps improve the pollination of the plants in the area, aiding in the research and development of new gardening and farming techniques. The honey produced by the bees is also harvested by the team. Through this project, bee populations are maintained and increased. […]

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Tree Planting

This joint project of SPSF and Terramar Aqua Resources aims to promote reforestation and prevention of โ€kainginโ€ (slash-and-burn) practices. We provide assorted fruit-tree seedlings to selected community areas, especially those that underwent โ€œkainginโ€ and illegal logging practices. This activity involves residents of various sitios and barangays, local government officials, DENR-CENRO foresters and forest rangers, and […]

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Coral Growing and Replanting

Corals are an invaluable part of the ocean ecosystem. SPSF aims to help preserve this delicate balance by growing corals and aiding in their repopulation. This initiative is done near our base in the Baras Marine and Agriculture Research Center, where we conduct regular check-ups and cleaning of the corals in our nursery. […]

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Coastal Cleanup and Waste Management

We initiate projects to address the issue of trash in coastal areas, usually held in line with the celebration of International Cleanup Month in September. Joined by sitio residents, Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA), and Terramar Aqua Resources representatives, we collect garbage which usually include plastic bottles, shampoo sachets, broken glass, and other kinds of […]

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Environmental Education

We conduct regular workshops with the youth in beneficiary communities to discuss prevalent environmental issues and educate them with proper protection and conservation practices. Bigger campaigns are also organized to include a wider audience and increase impact and engagement. PLANETANG DAGAT We launched the Filipino version of Planet Ocean (Planetang Dagat), an initiative geared towards […]

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